Orgonite pyramids or orgonnite decorations are making waves especially for those who are seeking a more spiritual way of healing. In many cultures, it truly is considered that there’s a life force that balances the universe. The energy that is positive and the negative energy are constantly in conflict with each other. These energies if unbalanced can create many unfortunate situation.

orgonite pyramidOrgonite has been defined as life force or vital energy that’s found or exists in many different forms; it can be negative or positive energy or neutral energy. Orgonite pyramid or pendants are made from the mixture of inorganic and organic matters. Inorganic matters include metals powered or in shaved types of brass, copper etc and organic matters include natural resin for example fibreglass, amber etc. This mixture is believed to create vital life force or orgone energy.

orgonite crystal are mostly used as a religious tool, to cleanse and neutralize negative energies engulfing the atmosphere or the environment. All the negative energy that’s surrounding your house will be absorbed by setting orgonite in your house and transmute all deadly or negative energy. This transmutation reduce pressure, will accentuate better relationship within your family and protect you from dangerous radiation transmitted by appliances and devices like cellular telephones, electric appliances etc.

Orgonite also can be intention-made depending on the substances used. To improve performance or to enhance the spiritual growth or for any purpose, you can have your own orgonite custom made. Orgonite are hand crafted and distinct parts or materials are used to create them. Whether you set it inside the home or outside in the garden, orgonite will definitely improves and enriches all lives around it. As no individual or household an live without electronic devices, it is strongly recommended that orgonite pyramids or orgonite pendants are used to harmonize the environment.

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