Just how long does marijuana stay in your own body depends on how often we smoke. There are various variables on long it remains in our system. The THC of the weed stays for longer span in hair follicles than in any parts, and in saliva it remains the shortest. The THC has a cumulative impact on the body and includes different factors for how long it stays in the system, like metabolic process, fat cells, exercise etc.

People who largely neglect drug test are those using marijuana. Now coming back to the main question, how long does marijuana stay in system? The response is that nobody understands exactly it stays in the system. We understand only a typical time frames. But experts have attempted to calculate the exact time based on the frequency of good use. There are some few variables to determine the precise time that weed stays in our system. To get more information on how long does weed stay in your urine kindly check out how long does marijuana stay in your body .The time of good use, the amount of use, the potency of the drug, fats cells in the user’s body, activity level and metabolic rate, these are some few factors.

In case you are trying to find an answer for how long does weed stay in your system, there’s less chance that you will find an exact answer. There’s less chance to get precise answer even if you make an effort to test it on your own,. It may remain in your system for days, weeks or sometimes even into a month’s stretch. The particular substance called THC builds up in the fats tissue and remains there for quite a long time.

The THC in the marijuana remains in fluids and in some particular region. Therefore drug tests are conducted in urine, hair, spit and blood. The most common grass test conducted is the urine test.

The chief substance in bud is THC, it’s this toxin that remains in the body for long time. It also doesn’t simply stay there, it causes an individual to get the substance to be taken by cravings and have many other effects.

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