Sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder everyone knows about. But what everyone does not know is the fact that adults are not the only ones who suffer from the sleeping disorder. A number of children are also vulnerable to the sleeping disorder and they also suffer from the sleeping disorder. While sleep apnea in adult is caused by the aging factor and obesity, the sleeping disorder in children is usually caused by enlarged tonsils and in some cases, obesity.

To deal with sleep apnea in children, the first step is to closely observe children if you think your child might be suffering from sleep apnea. It is not necessary that a child who usually snores is suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea in children has a number of other symptoms too which you can make out by observing the child keenly.

A child who suffers from sleep apnea is characterized by poor concentration in day to day activities. He gets irritated easily; unknown to the child, the child also suffers from depression and anxiety. He or she develops mood swings and his or her behavior becomes hyperactive. All these are caused due to lack of proper sleep at night.

Treatment For Children causes disruptions in breathing at night leading to loud snoring. His breathing is characterized by gaps and pauses in between. All these leads to disruptions in the child’s sleep and as such, he does not sleep properly. When a child does not get the sufficient sleep that he requires, he becomes very hard to handle. The child suffers from constant fatigue and sleepiness during the day.


To do away with all these and to ensure a healthy mental and physical growth for children, it is wisest to take them to a physician if the child shows signs of sleep apnea.

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